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Mobile Web Banking

Mobile Web Banking

Mobile Web Banking1 makes it easy to manage your accounts.

Whether you are at work, at school, traveling, or out shopping, you can easily:

  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between your Cathay Bank accounts
  • Pay bills


Safe and secure

Mobile Web Banking is secure and has been designed to offer the same level of security currently available through our Internet banking sites. Some specific security features include:

  • 128 bit encryption – this means that neither the wireless carrier nor anyone else is able to infringe on consumers' wireless signal or will be able to decipher any information sent to the phone
  • Secure login information is not stored on the device – if consumers lose their phone, they do not have to worry about deactivating their phone with the financial institution.
  • Automatic inactivity logout – if the mobile application is inactive for 5 minutes, it will time out and require consumers to log back in.
  • Exact same account lockout procedures as Cathay Online Banking – after the financial institution determines the number of incorrect login attempts, consumers will have to reset their password.
  • Added security with Advanced Login Authentication – The first time a device is used to access mobile banking, the Out-of-Wallet process challenges customers to provide response information that will prove the identity and validity of the customer.
  • Account masking – account numbers in mobile banking are truncated to only display the last 4 digits.


How it works

Step 1 – Sign up for Cathay Online Banking. Mobile Web Banking is an extension of Cathay Online Banking. Upon completion of the Cathay Online Banking enrollment process, you are ready to enjoy the convenience of banking at home and on the go.

Step 2 – Start managing your accounts on your mobile phone. To access Mobile Web Banking, just type in the browser on your mobile device. When prompted, enter the same user ID and password provided for Cathay Online Banking.


  1. Some of the features available in Cathay Online Banking may not be available in Mobile Web Banking.


Mobile Web Banking Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fees to use the Mobile Web Banking service?

Cathay Bank doesn't charge any fees to use Mobile Web Banking. However, you should contact your wireless service provider to see if any connectivity or usage rates may apply.

Do I have to be enrolled in Cathay Online Banking to use Mobile Web Banking?

For security purposes, you must be enrolled in Cathay Online Banking to access account information and perform banking transactions through the Mobile Web Banking service. However, you can use the ATM/Branch locator feature and access contact information for Cathay Bank without being enrolled in Cathay Online Banking.

Can I use the same User ID and Password for my Mobile Web Banking that I use for Cathay Online Banking?

Yes. And if you're not enrolled in Cathay Online Banking, you can simply go to from your computer and click on Personal Banking in the white box, then click the word "Register" below the blue Login button.

After how many incorrect logon attempts will my Mobile Web Banking be locked?

Your Mobile Web Banking/Cathay Online Banking access will be locked after the third invalid User ID and Password entry. You can call our customer service, at 800-922-8429, to reset your password.

Can my Mobile Web Banking session time out?

Yes, just like your Cathay Online Banking session using a computer, your Mobile Web Banking session will time out after 5 minutes.

Which accounts are available through my Mobile Web Banking?

All accounts available in Cathay Online Banking are available in Mobile Web Banking.

What can I do with my Mobile Web Banking?

With Mobile Web Banking, you can:

  • View account balances and transaction history
  • Transfer funds between your Cathay Bank accounts
  • Pay bills - If you're enrolled in Web BillPay and have existing payees, you can schedule bill payments

Can someone intercept my Mobile Web Banking transactions?

Rest assured that your Mobile Web Banking transactions are secure. Our 128-bit SSL encryption technology safeguards Internet traffic for secure Web applications and protects your information as it travels from your mobile device to the bank.

Can my Mobile Web Banking be accessed without a User ID and Password?

No. For your own safety, we'll ask you to use your Cathay Online Banking User ID and Password to access your Mobile Web Banking.

How can I be sure my Mobile Web Banking information is secure if someone steals my mobile device?

We require users to enter a valid User ID and Password, to access Mobile Web Banking. If your mobile device is stolen, they won't be able to access the Mobile Web Banking without your User ID and Password. However, you should contact your wireless service provider to have your device deactivated.

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